LED Lighting Projects

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    Octa Light Illuminated Millennium Center

    Millennium business center was one of the projects, for which the Bulgarian LED manufacturer provided complete lighting solution.

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    Interior and architectural LED lighting for Office Building "M Plaza"

    Octa Light has concluded new major projects for architectural and interior LED lighting. Intko brands investors went ahead and trusted the proven quality of the Bulgarian manufacturer for the overall lighting installation of their new office building “M Plaza”

  • St George School Hall 1_302x400_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a
    "St. George" School Sofia

    Octa Light Bulgaria manufactured and supplied the lighting fixtures for "St. George" School brand new building in Sofia.

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    Telenor Shops

    Octa Light Bulgaria PLC was selected to become the supplier of LED lighting for all stores of Telenor Bulgaria.By the autumn of 2015 more than 80 stores are equipped with LED lighting.

  • Vivacom 1-01_302x400_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a
    VIVACOM Stores

    New opened retail outlets of BTC (VIVACOM) in Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Stara Zagora and Pleven were equipped with LED luminaires by Octa Light Bulgaria.