"St. George" School Sofia

"St. George" School Sofia

Client OSK Lozenets
Project Interior and Exterior Complete LED Lighting Solution
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Year 2016
Contractor Octa Light Bulgaria AD


LED Flat Panel


Wall Washer

Octa Light Bulgaria Plc manufactured and supplied the lighting fixtures for "St. George" School brand new building in Sofia. The project for complete interior and exterior lighting has been accomplished entirely with LED luminaires.

The main challenge for Octa Light Bulgaria in this project was to achieve maximum visual comfort for students and their teachers, while using lighting fixtures with specific design to meet the modern interior style of the building. The company has met also all requirements of the contracting authority according to BS EN 12464-1 standard for average illuminance of 500 lux and for Unified Glare Rating (UGR <19) with reference to schools and similar publing buildings.

Most of the interior lighting has been completed with Octa Light new series of ultra-thin LED FLAT PANELS. Besides the stylish look, the panels have high efficiency of 100 lm/W, making them one of the most energy efficient lighting fixtures of this type on the market. The company has its own automated line for production of ultra slim panels with standard sizes of 30 x 30, 60 x 60, 120 x 60, 120 x 30 cm, as well as products with customized dimensions.

LED lighting luminaires of OLOT-S series have been installed in all classrooms. This type of LED fixture has soft homogeneous light and uses extremely low power consumption - only 30W, enough to replace conventional fluorescent lamps of 72W (4h18W). The selected color temperature of 4000K, high color rendering index and low UGR ensure maximum visual comfort and facilitates the learning process.

The exterior lighting of the school new building is done mainly with linear RGB luminaires - Wall Washers, with DMX controll system. The products from this LED series are an excellent choice for architectural and decorative lighting of buildings, historic and cultural monuments.

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