Outstanding LED Lighting Efficiency at ‘BULTEX 99’ Central Warehouse

Outstanding LED Lighting Efficiency at ‘BULTEX 99’ Central Warehouse

Client Mirat Group
Project Bultex 99
Location Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Year 2019
Contractor Octa Light Bulgaria


TANGRA Ultra High Efficiency


Octa Light Bulgaria has completed an LED lighting project for the illumination of BULTEX 99' newly built central warehouse.

BULTEX 99 is a leading local supplier of safety work-wear, protective outfits and personal protective gear, and operates a modern logistics hub in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The lighting project was completed with Octa Light's most efficient industrial LED High-bay luminaires - the TANGRA UHE 160 lm/W series. The High-bay luminaires were installed at 12 meter height in the aisles between the shelving racks.

The illumination outcome was a 200 lx average at the floor level with excellent uniformity and without overshadows. In order to achieve the target illumination levels with the smallest possible number of luminaires, Octa Light equipped the high bays with specially designed reflectors and lux-enhancers for optimal light distribution and minimal losses.

The uncompromising quality of Octa Light products with one of the leading energy efficiency LED Luminaires on today's market, was key to achieving excellent lighting quality and safety at work, with minimal energy spending for our industrial clients like Bultex 99.



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