Octa Light Bulgaria illuminated the Municipality of Elin Pelin

Octa Light Bulgaria illuminated the Municipality of Elin Pelin

Client Municipality of Elin Pelin
Project Municipality of Elin Pelin
Location Elin Pelin
Year 2020
Contractor Octa Light Bulgaria


EXTREME Ultra High Efficiency Series


   A new major project for smart street LED lighting is part of the portfolio of successfully finished projects by The Bulgarian Manufacturer. Octa Light Bulgaria illuminated the Municipality of Elin Pelin which includes six towns- Elin Pelin, Novi Han, Ravno pole, Musachevo, Gara Elin Pelin and Lesnovo. Over 3 400 luminaires (EXTREME Ultra High Efficiency series) with power range between 20W and 70W were produced, delivered and installed for the purposes of the project.


   Each luminaire is powered by Octa Light LED source delivering 170 lm/W which puts Extreme Series in the leading position on the market.  Expressly designed shell of the product contributes for excellent and constant thermal management with minimized pollution of dust. The continuous process of data exchange between the luminaires is powered by Octa Light IntelliLamp modules for intelligent management connected via NEMA connectors. Тhe monitoring of the status of the luminaires and lighting conditions in the active period of the lamps is achieved with over 20 coordinators installed in every town. This innovation ensures cost savings up to 60% of the initial electricity consumption.


   Another main characteristic of this project is the development of new customized remote control software by Octa Light. The system provides all the information required for the display – constant real time monitoring of the power consumption, mode of operation, possibility for dimming of each luminaire or group of luminaires.                                                                      *photographs for illustration purposes                                                


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