New Smart Street Lighting Projects in Alsace France

New Smart Street Lighting Projects in Alsace France

Client Liicht SAS
Project Alsace
Location Alsace, France
Year 2019
Contractor Octa Light Bulgaria



Octa Light Bulgaria continues expansion in the highly demanding French market for high-grade LED lighting solutions. Since the beginning of 2018, the Bulgarian manufacturer supplied street and park luminaires for several cities in the Alsace region in France – Saint Pierre, Gerstheim, Chatenois, Rombach and Sélestat.

Octa Light manufactured and delivered its most efficient Street series (EXTREME UHE). With an ultra-high efficiency of 170 lm/W, the luminaires are one of the world leaders in energy saving, and are built to withstand harsh climates, with a modular design suitable for any street lighting application.

All Octa Light European-Made LED luminaires delivered in Alsace region were equipped with our Intelli-lamp nodes for smart lighting control. The modules are embedded in the lighting fixtures via the universal NEMA 7 connectors and feature options for remote control of all operating parameters of the luminaire. They also allow implementation of additional sensors to monitor various parameters such as CO2, noise and temperature data.
The network of luminaires is centrally managed to maximizes flexibility, and simplify control of the complex dynamic lighting patterns in the modern city environment.

The projects in Alsace were accomplished through our partnership with the French company “Liicht SAS” which specializes in complete lighting solutions for public sectors. To support the introduction of our EXTREME UHE street luminaires, Liicht SAS organized several seminars with street lighting experts from the Alsace region.
The events were headed by Mr. Ivaylo Kolev, Sales Manager of Octa Light who presented our most efficient street and park LED luminaires, and showcased various connectivity scenarios for smart city lighting grids.

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