Garanti Koza Arena, Istanbul

Garanti Koza Arena, Istanbul

Client Garanti Koza, Turkey
Project Sports LED Lighting for Garanti Koza Tennis Arena
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Year 2017
Contractor Octa Light Bulgaria



The project’s main objective was the replacement of the existing conventional lighting with a highly efficient LED one, as well as achieving significant increase in the existing illumination of the tennis courts.

The major priority was the illumination of the central court, a stadium with 8500 seats. With the installation of the new LED lighting, the average illumination of the court field was increased from 1300lx to 3000lx in average. Excellent light uniformity was achieved enhancing the fans experience. The light project also conforms to the TV airings requirements for limited levels of flickering.

In addition the project included installation of LED lighting for 12 outdoor and 16 indoor tennis courts. There different levels of illumination between 500lx and 1100lx have been achieved, as required by the client.

The project was entirely completed with the use of Octa Light MEGA series of LED luminaires. They are especially designed for lighting of outdoor and indoor sports venues and fields. The luminaires from the series have models with a power range of 240W to 800W and are produced with a standard efficiency of 130 lm/W.
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