Extreme street luminaires grow presence in the streets of Sofia

Extreme street luminaires grow presence in the streets of Sofia

Client Etraluks S.A.
Project boul. Dondukov
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Year 2017
Contractor Octa Light Bulgaria


Extreme Advance

Octa Light is increasing its LED luminaires presence in the streets of Bulgarian capital Sofia. The company continues cooperation with Etralux who are among the contracting companies appointed by the Sofia Municipality for street lighting maintenance.

One of the latest projects equipped with Octa Light street luminaires was the renovated Dondukov boulevard in the city center. The project was completed with 80W Extreme Advance series which efficiency is 130 lm/W of the lighting fixture.

Latest generation of Extreme street luminaires reaches efficiency up to 170 lm/W.

Their specially designed housing protects the heat sinks from the elements and prevents collection of dust and debris to ensure efficient cooling compared to most street fixtures on the market.

All luminaires from Extreme series can be equipped with node for smart lighting control and they can be eventually part of complex city control systems like LoRaWAN.

 Octa Light continues strong growth of its street and park luminaires sales. In the first half of 2018 the company has sold over 8 000 fixtures of this type to markets like France, Norway, Kosovo and Gulf area countries.  



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