Bulstrad Arena

Bulstrad Arena

Client Arena Rousse Management OOD
Project Sports Hall Bulstrad Arena
Location Rousse, Bulgaria
Year 2015
Contractor Octa Light Bulgaria AD


LED lighting fixtures: OCTL TANGRA2 150W, 17200 lm
LED lighting source: OCTL C5A
Lighting control system: Based on CASAMBI

Octa Light Bulgaria AD produced the LED lighting fixtures for the newly opened Bulstrad Arena sports hall in Ruse. Bulstrad Arena is one of the most modern and functionally oriented sporting facilities in Bulgaria, suitable for hosting international sporting and entertainment events.

Octa Light takes pride in the installed LED lighting in the hall as it fully meets the high standards and requirements of broadcasters for both horizontal and vertical illumination for TV shooting of sporting events. The illumination level at the playing field exceeds 3000 lux, while employed color temperature is 5700 K with a very high color rendering index and a level of glare rating that is brought to e minimum. As a result, Bulstrad Arena measures up to the standards of international federations of basketball, volleyball, handball and other sports, making the hosting of sporting competitions of the highest categories possible.

The accomplishment of the project required Octa Light Bulgaria to apply 150 W TANGRA2 LED fixtures with luminous flux of 17 200 lm. The highly efficient lighting system allows for the achievement of the energy consumption cost within 7 BGN of the main lighting of the room within 7 lev per hour at maximum power. As a light source Octa Light applied an especially tailored model of the new high power series C5A COB. The TANGRA2 fixtures are also characterized by an excellent thermal management due to its special housing which allows for the micro-capillary removal of heat from the light source. This in turn ensures the optimum performance of the lamp and in addition extends its life span.

Special attention must be paid to the lighting management system. The innovative Casambi system, developed by the sector leading Finish company, was successfully applied for the first time in Bulgaria. This makes possible intelligent management and dimming of lighting fixtures through Bluetooth Low Energy which is now available in every new smartphone and tablet. The system ensures additional energy saving and allows for the maximum flexibility of implementation of various light configurations.

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